PhD student and Postdoctoral Positions

The lab has multiple positions available for graduate students and postdoc fellows. The Yu lab uses a combination of genetic, cell biology, molecular and biochemical approaches with various model systems including Drosophila, mice, and cell cultures to decipher the molecular mechanisms underlying related human diseases.

PhD student positions (No GRE required)

We currently have fully-funded positions available for graduate students through the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology at UCONN. Requirements include a Bachelor’s of Science and interest in cancer biology. Benefits include a competitive stipend with five years of guaranteed support.

Postdoctoral positions

Two NIH funded postdoctoral positions are currently available in the Yu lab. The focus of the postdoctoral positions is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying organ size control and tumorigenesis, with specific emphasis on understanding the molecular mechanisms of the Hippo signaling pathway and mTOR/Insulin signaling pathway. The project will be focused on characterization of novel growth regulators identified through our recent large-scale genetic screens. Requirements include a recent PhD degree related to biological or biomedical sciences; strong interests in the molecular basis of human diseases, expertise in the areas of biochemistry, molecular or cellular biology; strong written and oral communication skills; ability to independently manage work and projects. Experience working with mice and mouse colonies, and background with fly genetics are preferred but not required.

To apply, please contact Dr. Yu at Jianzhong.yu@uconn.edu